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OK so this is my first time ever blogging so be gentle please and let's see how this goes.

Just wanted to let everyone know that C4 Media STL is officially up and running. We are FAA Part 107 approved, Fully insured, website is almost done, business cards are being distributed and now we are starting to network (anyone that's been around business knows that networking is HUGE.)

Just wanted to take time in this first blog for some shout-outs. There have been many that have helped me in this process of starting my first business and hopefully I won't miss any.

First off my family that has been supporting me and motivating me; especially to my wife Carole and my son Shane. I know I have been locked in my office more than normal and not able to spend as much time with you but you have both been completely understanding and I think it will all pay off soon.

Thank you Nate Salah at The Income Tax Center for making it official.
Thank you Charlie Blyth and Blyth Trailer Sales for the prayers and for being my first customer.
Thanks Craig Riek at The Crane Agency for making the Insurance happen.

Thanks to:
The Drone U
Chris Newman and Cinechopper Drone University
Bob Warfel and Dart Drones

Thanks to all and God Bless,

Rich - C4 Media STL