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Super Bowl Drones could Elevate the Drone Industry in 2017!

So if you have not already heard a drone will be dropping a football for the Super Bowl this year and there will also be a large display of drone entertainment during halftime. This could be a huge step for the drone industry as long as it all goes well or it could be a major stick in the eye if there are any mishaps. I am sure the FAA has done all their due diligence to make sure the drone activity this evening is completely safe but you just never know. As a drone business owner I hope all goes well and my phone blows up tomorrow due to the curiosity and positive reaction from the millions of viewers. Most will be watching the Super Bowl for the game, some for the commercials, but for me and my C4 Media STL Team; we will be watching for the drone action! Below is a really good article from Paul Alexander of DroneU concerning the drone events at tonights Super Bowl. Paul is starting to become an icon in the drone industry and has been a major help to those of us new to the drone industry.

Click The Link Below for the Article:

Drones in the Super Bowl could clear the skies for drone pilots in 2017


Rich Craig