C4 Updates Capability and Identity

1: C4 Aerial has added an amazing new capability to our offerings. We have added a DJI Zenmuse XT thermal camera which is in my opinion the top of the line aerial thermal camera available. This camera really opens up the door for several additional opportunities like Search and Rescue (SAR), Home Efficiency Inspections, Power Line/Transformer Inspections and much more. The DJI Zenmuse XT has radiometrics built in which can determine the temperature of any object within 1/10 of a degree. The camera also has isotherm capability which is key for SAR missions.
2: Along with our new capability we are also changing our name from C4 Aerial Imagery to C4 Aerial Solutions to show that we are not just a Photo and Video focused company, but we are also focused on providing aerial solutions for clients in the public safety sector, agriculture, inspections, and many more.